Arrow (s04e12): Unchained

arrow felicity father reunion calculator - Arrow (s04e12): Unchained


The battle of the hackers! There isn’t anything I enjoy more than seeing two incredibly smart people battle it out with their computers. In this episode, we were introduced to a new villain, that calls himself the Calculator. He’s witty, great with computers, has blue eyes….reminds you of someone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is probably Felicity’s dad (and it was confirmed at the end).

I don’t know how I feel about the fact that Felicity’s dad is a villain, to be completely honest. We already had that storyline with Thea, and I kind of wanted to see her dad be a good guy who was well, maybe, threatened by someone and had to work for the dark side, instead of a straight up evil guy, but he seemed to be enjoying killing people way too much, for this to be the case, so I am kind of disappointed, even if he seems like a great villain, I didn’t want this for Felicity.

This was a Felicity-centric episode. We saw her struggle with being in a wheelchair, and then getting her groove back all while she was battling it out with her dad through computers.

This was a very heavy episode for Thea too though, who seems to be dying because she isn’t killing people. Oliver wanted to ask Damien to work with him so he could cure Thea but Thea said she didn’t want him to do that. At the end, Nyssa showed up and offered the cure to Oliver but under one condition, that he kills Malcolm. I hope Oliver agrees to this, I hate that guy, he overstayed his welcome.

How did we find out about The Calculator? Oh yes, Roy Harper told us. Yes! Roy was back for this episode! The Calculator put a camera into his eye so Roy was trying to pretend to be a thief again so the Calculator wouldn’t suspect anything. It was nice seeing Roy in action again, although, was he wearing Thea’s costume lol? Suddenly he had his costume again but we all know he gave it to Thea and they modified it for her, so like…what was he wearing? I’ll tell you what he was wearing: a plothole. He had a very emotional scene at the end with Thea where she told him that she wants him to have a family and be happy, and they both said that they loved each other.

Laurel was just present in the group scenes, they keep neglecting her. Curtis was back to help Felicity with her presentation and to offer some unfunny jokes like ‘break a leg’. Felicity also joked with ‘I stand before you’….like, what were the writers thinking? That isn’t funny.

At the end, we saw Felicity giving the presentation with her dad in the audience talking to Oliver. Now there’s a possibility, if we look at the ending scene of one of the previous episodes with Felicity and Oliver in the limo in a flashforward, that Quentin is in the coffin and that The Calculator killed him, but we’ll see.

Rating: 9/10

Who do you think is in the coffin now? How do you think will the Calculator storyline progress?