Baby Daddy (S05E01)-Love & Carriage

And after what seemed to be an eternity, Baby Daddy is finally back. The episode picked up right where season 4 left off. Riley fainted when Danny proposed to her at his mom’s wedding and they all rushed to their home. After Riley had woken up, she didn’t remember the proposal. Then we had a time jump of one month, in which Bonnie and Brad still didn’t get married because Bonnie’s dumb sons kept interrupting them.

In this whole episode, Bonnie and Brad were trying to get married, Riley was trying to get out of a marriage and Ben was trying to find his new Riley. It turned out Riley pretended not to have remembered the proposal because she didn’t know what to say ’cause she thought it was too soon. Ben was trying to get over Riley and he met Zooey, a new and pregnant neighbour. He freaked out at first but then he apologized to her and they went on a date, on which she, well….gave birth in a carriage that Danny was driving when he was trying to propose to Riley for the 232334th time. What can I say, this show sounds complicated, lmao.

In the end, Riley talked to Danny and he asked her to marry him….someday, and gave her a ring with the word ‘Someday’ on it, she said yes, obviously (who wouldn’t, though, have you seen that body?!). Bonnie and Brad made Tucker marry them in an elevator (I still don’t know if they got married for real because they started making out and then Reba showed up and started making out with Brad because Bonnie owed her). Zooey and Ben were in a happy place after HE delivered her baby in a carriage.

I liked the episode a lot, it was funny. I only didn’t like the fact that Riley was talking to Ben about Danny because well, that’s not okay, but hopefully she learns soon.

Rating: 8/10

Did you like the episode?