Shadowhunters (S01E04): “Raising Hell”


Guess its the night of dream sequences, cause Clary had one too. Finally the pieces are falling together, since Clary has finally figured out that Magus Bane is the one who has taken her memories. With this clue about her memory wipe, she and the other shadowhunters hunt down the High Warlock of Brooklyn, which proves to be a task. Since the warlocks are in hiding ever since Valentine. Knowing that Magnus cant miss a killer party, they lure him out and with the leverage of an old valuable necklace which once belonged to Camille, who he loved back in the day.

Okay so I’ve got to say I’m a major Glee fan, but I really wasn’t sure about Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus, cause Godfrey Gao was perfection for me. But I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. He’s definitely sold me on his portrayal as Magnus. Plus those scenes with him and Alec were divine, I loved it. I have a feeling were going to get a lot of really nice Malec scenes to come.

I adored the scenes and lines that Alec was sharing with Izzy, finally we get to see more their brother and sister relationship. Cause its very underrated but its one of the best relationships in the series.

After Simon’s encounter with the Downworlders, he hasn’t been the same, i mean its pretty obvious, I really like how there making him act when he sees blood. Also the mirror scene with Camille is pretty cool, like shes haunting him. Just to add, I was also a little shocked to be meeting Simon’s mum so quick,but shes awesome and it was the perfect time, also the casting choice is amazing.

The demon scene was actually pretty cool, and we got to see more of Clary’s art which is awesome, I loved the drawing she had to draw, the design team needs a shout out, cause there doing an incredible job. In order for her to retrieve her memories, once Magnus has summoned the Demon, everyone had to let go of a memory of the one they love the most. This definitely was the best scene, all the emotions and intensity, it was brilliant to watch, even more so how we were like Izzy just witnessing everyone in the room.

So tonight’s episode was great, until next week.