Young & Hungry (s03e01): Young & The Next Day

One of the cutest comedies on television right now, is back for a third season. If you don’t remember, season 2 ended with Gabi going on a trip with Josh’s brother, Jake. Josh was trying to be the bigger person and he bought Gabi and Jake a food truck and told Gabi that he only wanted her to be happy and he sent them off to Coachella. Just when everyone thought that it was the end of Josh and Gabi (for some time, not forever obviously), they went there yet again.

Gabi was dreaming about Josh and she called Sofia to tell her, and Josh was dreaming about Gabi and then he went to Sofia’s home and heard that Gabi was thinking of him too (because you know how these things happen in shows, timing is everything).

Gabi was smitten by Jake’s good looks and charm but deep down she was really in love with Josh and she was praying that he would come for her. Josh was afraid that Gabi would fall for Jake and that he would lose her for real, so he made Sofia go with him to find her.

At first, they kept missing each other, but then Josh finally found Gabi just when she was sleeping in a sleeping bag with Jake. He thought it was too late but he told her how he felt anyway. Poor Jake was just there watching the whole thing. Gabi said that Josh was always the one and they kissed. Jake and Sofia were joking at the end and I hope that Jake will stay on the show and be with Sofia, but who knows.

Rating 7/10 (because of the cornrow subplot that was cringeworthy).