In The Heart of The Sea Movie Review (2015)

So I’m sure most of you already know the story so I wont try boring you with this review! Today I am reviewing the movie In the Heart of the Sea!

In this intriguing new look at the film we are introduced to Tom Nickerson in his older age (Brendan Gleeson) married to Mrs. Nickerson (Michelle Fairley) with an author coming to their door at a very late hour. The author is Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) he demands he hears the story of what happened to the crew of the Essex in 1820; Herman tried speaking with other witnesses however none of them would speak of what they described as a horrific experience. As Herman Melville pleads and pleads with Nickerson, you would think that he would get the idea and leave the property right? Wrong, Melville says he will give Tom Nickerson every ounce of money that he had to pay Nickerson for the story. When Nickerson asked Melville why he wants to have this story told; Melville only told Nickerson that the story needs to be told so that others can know the dangers this job has. Before Nickerson began he told Melville no one will ever believe this story, that this story will be the work of fiction because no one wants to believe the truth. So Nickerson began the story when it was summer of 1820 where we meet Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) preparing to leave his pregnant wife Peggy Chase (Charlotte Riley) to meet with the Fisherman Council who then told Chase he will not be captain of the Essex as he was promised from an earlier sailing that he returned from, but he was given the rank of first mate. Instead the position of captain came to George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) who was raised in a family of the Council which is the only reason why Pollard was given the position of captain. They then set sail later that day to sail through storms and ruff seas; during the storm some of the crew was about to fall overboard, Chase saves young Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland) from falling overboard and tells him to always keep his footing steady on deck. The crew finally comes to a sighting of Whales, the crew set out their little dingy boats to strike the whales for their oil. Its not until the crew reaches Spain is when you hear about the first story of the albino sperm whale they call Moby Dick. When the crew doesn’t believe the story and demands for the location of the whales the crew sets sail to the location where their ship is then destroyed by an albino sperm whale. Will the crew survive the stalking albino whale? Or will they fall victim to heat stroke and insanity? Find out by watching the movie!

Honestly I would have to say that even though a lot of people didn’t like this movie, I found it to be very interesting. This film that Ron Howard chose to direct as a period/historical film turned out really good. Like the animation of the whales are spot on, the way how they all talked back in those years spot on by the actors, the story was great even though it was inspired by the story that the real Herman Melville was told that made him write the book Moby Dick which was published to the public in 1851. At the end of the film they do reveal what happened to all the survivors of what they all chose to do with the rest of their lives except for Nickerson because he tells you. But this story is so amazing and I find this to be a great film with that being said I give this film 4 out of 5 stars for a great story that was told. The only thing I would say is if your not into watching period type movies then this film would not be for you.

In The Heart of the Sea currently in theaters but will be released onto DVD March 8th!