Suits (S05E12): “Live to Fight”


This half of the season is incredible. The writing and acting is on another level, everyone is really stepping up and its just so amazing to watch.

Tonight’s episode started off with a flashback and we got to see Donna as a young girl, and we finally met her Father after all this time. I love how Donna was always Donna even when she was young she knew all. In particular I loved the line “I never thought I’d say this to another woman, but you’re a cold heartless bitch”.  Sarah Rafferty really shined in tonight’s episode, its was awesome to see Donna so emotional on all levels.

Meanwhile,the team is still trying to figure out a way to get Donna’s dad off the hook and get Mike’s case thrown out. All while trying to identify who the anonymous tipster is. 

The reunion scene with Donna and Harvey in the office was AMAZING, I adored it and I’m sure all the Darvey fans out there loved it just as much as I did.

Jessica realizes its time to get outside council so she seeks help from Jeff Malone to be her lawyer in case anything else is to go wrong. And knowing that this is Suits, this is definitely not the only problem we’ll be seeing.

Finally Louis figures it out, who tipped the attorney off about Mike’s secret, Turns out it was Shelia. This scene was so heartbreaking for Louis, it really sucked, Rick was terrific in this scene. I honestly felt bad for Louis, he’s had amazing character development so its sad to see him so hurt.

So its very obvious that Rachel isn’t taking this very well, that bathroom scene with her and Donna was so confrontational and intense. It was hard to watch, since I appreciate their friendship. I really do hope that everyone’s friendship and relationship can stand through this ordeal, though its a tough situation to be in.

With the proper bluff, Harvey gets Donna’s father out of trouble, but its able to get Mike’s case thrown out. Turns out that Gibbs isn’t just after Mike, shes after all of them, which we see in the final scene as she subpoenaed all the files from everyone who works at the firm. 

Seriously this show is so DAMN good, I cant wait till next week.