The 100: (S03E03) ‘Reapercussions’

This was by the far the weakest episode of the season. Since it’s only the third episode, thats’s not such a bad thing. It’s odd because a lot happens in this episode regarding the fate of the rest of the season. The main event is the explosion and now we know that the Ice Nation went out of their way to start a war.

I understand now the distrust that the Sky People have against Grounders. I know from the trailers that Pike and Bellamy will start to turn against their Grounder allies. This episode is the pivotal turning point. I’m not a fan of this new direction Clarke’s character is going in but I did appreciate her scheming once more to stay away from Arcadia. That’s a Clarke trait and its a small step in getting the old Wanheda back.

I also hated the visual effects in this episode. Probably the worse in the show so far. I understand they might not have the budget to create an amazing Capital city but I do like the design of the city. If only they had better effects.

Last nights episode changes everything. They’re no longer trying to prevent a war, the war has started. I can’t wait to see what happens next as alliances and peace hangs in the balance.