The Expanse: (S01E10) “Leviathan Wakes”

I always said the show has potential, a lot of it but the whole introduction of new characters and so many places made it very confusing even to the point where it took 9 episodes to clear everything up!

This season ended with a blast, we already have someone to ‘ship’ aka Holden & Naomi! But what is actually interesting in my opinion is how we got to the point where two stories started from zero and now they have intersected and joint together!

With the whole season starting with the whole ‘different’ ship blasting the two ships and then the marsians getting destroyed and then Holden and his team getting on it and all of it to finally get to Julie who was exposed to all of the radiation in the ship they blasted! 

And now the radiation is formed in Eros where it ate the undercover dude. Taking the injections in vials for Julie’s father that is also another interesting side to look forward too!

All I can say is it was awesome!