Spectre (2015)

Every James Bond movie has these characteristics:

  • Luxurious Car
  • Girl 
  • Suits
  • Saving the girl 
  • Girl likes him
  • Loads of action

It is safe to say this one didn’t go off the books. The usual story where Bond this time was given a task by the woman who was the head but killed in the previous movie and he ends up exploding a building in Mexico, kill a dozen of men and get a helicopter in the process. 

With a very I mean very long intro video in the middle we then see him go to the usual girl’s father who ends up killing himself and boom we see him with the girl and the usual expected Hollywood thing where the girl says go away then he saves her from Batista’s character who never showed up again after the train incident.

And of course getting beaten up has no effect on Bond as he always walks away scratch free which is kind of annoying but hey he did sweat in the movie.

Basically the usual girl gets captured then he saves her but then they want to add a suspense that he may die in the process but we all know he won’t but still it’s the writer’s plan so we see people disappointed then surprised to see him walk away from an explosion.

Action wise this movie was spot on plot wise kind of ok but the problem is every Bond movie has a different setting (place & time) and a different girl but the general plot remains the same. 

All in all for someone that has nothing to do and watch it is a good time pass.