The Vampire Diaries: (S07E11) “Things We Lost In The Fire”

We have seen the hell of Damon, this one was the hell of Stefen. 

Of course unlike Damon, Stefen had a good relationship with his mother as he said his goodbye and tried his best to enjoy his time with his mother so she wouldn’t be the one haunting him but rather the man of the hour the devil himself Damon haunted him pushing him down to drown over and over again to a point where Stefen let go and that is how he felt very guilty.

With their ‘test’ over they still had to finish the whole job to be free from hallucinations, Stefen ended up admiting to Damon  that he is a life wrecker and well Damon ended up burning Elena’s body.

Does that make Elena a no show for the show ever again?

My answer: No she can come back whenever she want we have seen that happen so many times now. It’s like even death has no role in TVD as it is trolled over and over again.

What I don’t understand in the show is the way they use a character without any sense of reality take Bonnie as an example.

She has been there from day 1 fighting the battle for her friends and nothing else. Her character is there to just do spells and help her friends and no other sense of purpose whatsoever!