Lucifer: (S01E02) ‘Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil’

It seems from what I’m reading that this show is a sort of love or hate type. So far, I love it.  I do have to say that having Lucifer along for some of the police work makes it seem less valid. Maybe that will change with him getting official status soon, but maybe not if he keeps smoking the evidence haha 😉

So we start out with Lucifer trying to get himself back to being a devil as he listens to a man on the streets preach about the Devil being among them. When Lucifer starts answering him the man gets angry and confronts him. This makes Lucifer mad and he says he can’t stand a charlatan and morphs his face, freaking the man out. The fake preacher stumbles as he tries to run away, and his money spills out into the streets and the crowd surrounding them. 

Next we see Lucifer at the therapist’s office talking about feelings of humanity and that he’s all better now. The therapist confronts him on changing his ways, and that Lucifer just doesn’t know who is changing him and that he doesn’t realize in what ways he is changing. This is almost exactly what Amenadiel had warned him about. We flash to the next scene in Lucifer’s nightclub (does this place have a name yet?), where Detective Decker is trying to do some investigating on Lucifer. When the devil himself begins to play the piano Decker decides to confront Lucifer. She lets him know that she’s done some digging on him and that according to all she can find, he just sprang into existence five years ago, and she would like to know how he survived getting shot six times?! Lucifer responds with “Is this how you thank someone for saving your life?” and asks her why his charms have no affect on her. Before either of them can go any further her phone rings and she has to go to another crime scene. It seems this show is hell-bent (pun intended) on making solving crimes a large part of the show.

While Detective Decker is being briefed on the case, the son of a famous actor killed in a crash while being chased by paparazzo, Lucifer shows up. When Chloe (Det. Decker) goes to ask him why, Lucifer told her that since his charms didn’t affect her he was curious as to what does. He then hauls the suspect out of the patrol car and Lucifer uses his charm to talk to the suspect. They learn that he is covering for someone. Even though Chloe wants this man to be guilty, as they have a past, she tells the lead detective she thinks he’s innocent. It’s then that she catches Lucifer smoking up some drug evidence that was in the suspect’s car. While I thought this was funny, the detective doesn’t. Back at Lucifer’s we see him rolling out of bed, occupied by two others, and Amenadiel shows up with another warning to return to hell, and that being among the humans is weakening Lucifer. This doesn’t stop our devil as he shows up bright and early at Detective Decker’s house, has a run in with her adorable little girl and Lucifer tries to play catch with her like she’s a dog. He also learns that Chloe’s mom is an actress in a few well known Sci-Fi movies. 

Lucifer’s next stop is the police station where he charms his way in to see the suspect who he has so sweetly deemed “Dung Beetle”. Only Lucifer doesn’t want to know about the case, he wants all the details as to why Chloe Decker hates Dung Beetle so much & “all her sordid secrets”. Turns out Chloe has no secrets like that. She once did a film she went topless in and two weeks later her father died. The press all wanted that first photo of the grieving mom and daughter so Dung Beetle despicably decided to crash the funeral to get that shot – which he did, as Chloe punched and cracked the lens. He made a lot of money on the photo. Lucifer learns from Dung Beetle that he is thinking of someone that is “following in his footsteps”, so he and Chloe go looking around the local papparazzi. They find some creeper taking crotch shots, and then he looks at his watch, aims his camera and exactly when he starts taking photos, someone walks up and punches a woman. They have the right guy and know he’s taken it from fist fights to murder just to get the first photo. 

Lucifer and Maze have Nick (Dung Beetle) and Josh (Dung Beetle’s protege) in the street to give Nick some “justice” devil style by giving them both guns. After a tense moment Josh fires first, only Maze has taken the bullets out of his gun. Scared and also hurt that Josh would shoot him, Nick fires his gun at Josh as Detective Decker shows up on scene. You see Lucifer “praying” and Amenadiel shows up, slowing time as usual during his presence. Lucifer grabs the bullet out of the air. The angel reminds him again, that even with what he just did, he is showing change from being among humans. Lucifer agrees with him, but yet again refuses to return to hell. Chloe questions Lucifer but he insists he has been telling her the truth of who he is all along, he can’t help it if she chooses not to believe him.

Chloe’s curiosity takes her to a visit with Jimmy, the record manager from Episode One who shot her and Lucifer. He is in a mental hospital. Chloe tries to question him but bringing Lucifer up puts him in quite a state. He approaches the thick, see through divider between him and Chloe, and at the mention of Lucifer he begins to bang his head repeatedly on the divider until he is bleeding. He has to be subdued by several attendees and screams over and over “He’s the devil”. 

We are left to wonder what Chloe will believe. If being among humanity weakens Lucifer, will Chloe believe who he really is? Will Lucifer embrace the changes, and will his enemies take advantage of them? I guess we will see in the coming episodes as previews show he becomes involved closely both to Detective Decker and detective work.