Crimson Peak Movie Review (2015)

When you go to see a horror movie, your hoping to be frightened am I right? Well this movie may not frighten you, but those spirits sure will freak you the hell out! Guilmero Del Toro who is famous for his Hellboy movies and for Pan’s Labyrinth, he has been working really, really, really hard to please his horror and fantasy fans again with fantastic films and if you ask me; he did just that with this film that I am reviewing today is called Crimson Peak! Viewers beware, your in for a scare (sorry couldn’t help myself with that line)

In the film Crimson Peak, we are introduced to a young Edith Cushing (Sofia Wells) who is frightened in her bed (why is she frightened we don’t know tell the narration goes to tell that Edith has been able to see spirits all her life) we then see a shadow figure roam the hallways of the Cushing manor. The figure (which turns out to be Edith’s mother’s spirit (Doug Jones) comes to young Edith’s bed side and whispers in her ear “beware of Crimson Peak” We are then taken years later when Edith is a fully grown woman; Edith (Mia Wasikowska) now works for her father Carter Cushing’s (Jim Beaver) paper company as his secretary. While waiting for more papers to sign off with her father’s signature she starts writing her own short story to hopefully have it published by the company one day, even though her father always tells her to not write about the supernatural because its non-sense. One day she is introduced to a wealthy man by the name of Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) who wishes to speak with Edith’s father about a brilliant idea that has been working out over in England. When Thomas is turned down with no actual proof or numbers that the red substance would work in America, he then turns his attention to another, he falls in love with Edith. Seems nice right? When Edith meets Thomas’s sister Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain), Edith feels like theres something off with the sister but shrugs it off thinking its a sister protecting her brother from money hungry women. After Edith’s father has an accident in the bathroom of his business and dies, Edith agrees to go with Thomas to a place in England known as Crimson Peak. Its unknown at first in why the property is called Crimson Peak, until you see the color the mud is during the winter which is red like blood but don’t worry its just the mud. While Edith is attending her stay as now married to Thomas in their estate, Edith sees spirits, but Edith being a good person tries to understand why these spirits are showing themselves not knowingly at first that the spirits were warning poor Edith of what was to come of her own fate. Will Edith survive her stay at Crimson Peak? or Will Edith become another ghost of the properties history? Find out by watching the film

Truth be told, this film didn’t fully feel like a Horror movie, it did have aspects of Horror like those spirits were terrifying, the visual effects were very horrifying. This film felt more like a thriller/horror film like it should’ve been titled as both genres, but overall this film was really great. The story was fantastic and I as maybe a lot of other people have a huge crush on Jessica Chastain because shes just so damn hot and that is proven correct in this film too in a goth kind of way but still shes hot even dressed as a 18th or 19th century goth woman. But I do have to say that Jessica Chastain was really good in her role, and so was Mia Wasikowska she did a fantastic job as her character. With me being a fan of the supernatural/paranormal type of movies I truly loved this film; it was a great story and plus its a story by Guilermo Del Toro, which I’m a fan of his work as is a lot of others. I would give this film 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for having a great story and a wonderful cast!

Crimson Peak is now out on DVD (go check it out I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as me)