Shameless (S06E05): “Refugees”


So this episode starts off with the normal Gallagher family breakfast, its kinda frantic, since everyone is worried about where they going to be staying now. Especially Fiona, she’s pretty frantic this whole episode, trying to find a place for them to live in now.

Meanwhile Debbie’s presence at the Wexler’s is welcomed by Erica, but not on Tyler. So having no idea about how to change his view on her, she enlists Frank’s help. He tells her to up her game while he helps Erica through the cancer concierge process. She manages to be a shoulder for Tyler to lean on, which secures the guestroom in their house that Frank’s determined to share.

Another old face shows up in tonight’s episode, Lip’s ex girlfriend Amanda turns up, to take a picture of the artwork that she drew in his room. Its pretty obvious that she hasn’t gotta over there breakup. Lip underestimates Amanda’s need for revenge, and she publicly discloses his relationship with Helene. Lip tries to protect Helene from the fallout, but she won’t talk to or see him anymore.

Amanda wasn’t the only old face that turned up in tonight’s episode either, we saw Tony from Season one the cop that Fiona used to see. I really didn’t see that coming, it reminded me of how much time has passed by. Finally the firefighters pointed out the exam that Ian would have to take in order to become a firefighter, which honestly would be pretty awesome. Seems like his life looks pretty good in comparison with everything  going on.

Tonight’s episode was excellent, best scene has to be when Fiona goes inside there home, just to look at it once more, it really did look different with all the furniture moved out.  But the best scene that stole it for the night was the pillow fight finale scene. It was so beautiful to see Fiona laugh and smile, I swear I haven’t seen that in such a long time it was really nice for me as a viewer and longtime fan.