Supergirl: (S01E13) “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

Movies are one time stories, series are expected to have this plot which stretches out to the end of the season making you jump up and down because of twists and shocks.

The same can’t be said for DC Comic’s series except for maybe Arrow.

Supergirl had this spider thing waiting for her and she touched it and now that thing made her have the dream of her fantasies (Krypton) and she was stuck there.

So basically this episode was about ‘saving’ Supergirl. And even Maxwell helped.

Alex was of course the hero since the show has two main characters so if one isn’t the other obviously is. 

Without wasting your time, the usual happens, her friends get worried they help her and she ends up back to her feet. 

What I actually enjoyed was how Henshaw was being in Kara’s shoes and even though we all saw Astra turning sides her death could be a thing but again it isn’t a major element as her being there or not doesn’t make a difference since her husband is the real deal.

Getting tired of seeing one episode stories every week now.