Teen Wolf : (S05E15)”Amplification”

It’s definitely very hard to stop watching this show when you start, specially because there is so many twists & turns which either confuse you or baffles you. After the long break & the few episodes that followed, the show was starting to get a bit boring with everyone going their separate ways for their own agenda, but finally we are back on track & we are ready for Scott McCall to whoop some Chimera ass!!

After the last episode of saving Malia from her tyrannical mother, Scott doesn’t lose any time in trying to get the pack together once again. This time their going to try & save Lydia who is still stuck in Eichen house while getting prodded & experimented on till she self destructs.

In this episode the pack makes a plan to save Lydia who is in desperate need of rescuing, and Stiles, Scott and the rest of the pack initiated an epic plan to get her out of Eichen House which unfortunately doesn’t go exactly according to plan since Theo & his band of rejects plan to gate crash the party for their own plans. In the previous episode we were introduced to the story of the Beast & his nemesis the Hell hound. These two supernatural creatures will fight to the end till one survives. We are yet to find out who exactly the beast is even though there was no hint given to his identity other than for a bloody shoe print which proves that he does transform back to a human.

Okay, so back to #savinglydia. It was time to get Lydia back. Everyone was involved — Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira and Liam. Kira would cause a “brownout,” which would allow Stiles to get to Lydia. Saving Lydia was ultimately up to Stiles since Scott and Liam couldn’t get passed the mountain ash & if they didn’t save her tonight, she could die and kill a whole lot of people.

Well the good news is they got in & when Stiles was about to save Lydia she warns him to run & hide or he will be killed & seconds later Theo & his gang of losers walk in looking for a Hell hound who follows them closely behind.

Sometimes there are episodes that are meant to shock you, and sometimes there are episodes meant to un-shock you. If you are a fan of “How to get away with murder” you will understand when I say that Flash forwards & backwards works for that show immensely. HTGAWM is solely based on that criteria. But the same doesn’t work for every show. Teen wolf for example is one of them. We keep going in circles from flash forwards to the past scenes that I am utterly confused as to whats happening or going to happen. We are a few more episodes away from the ultimate fight & I hope that Scott can kick some butt.