The Big Bang Theory (S09E14) “The Meemaw Materialization”

Review: After 9 seasons of hearing about her, this is the episode where we finally get to meet Sheldon’s Meemaw. But as excited as I was to finally see her on the show, it didn’t live up to expectations.

When Sheldon’s Meemaw announces that she will come to visit, Sheldon is thrilled because she can finally meet his friends and girlfriend. But when she’s finally there, and gets some alone time with Amy, Meemaw makes it very clear that, while they have the same fashion sense, she doesn’t like her. June Squibb does a good job portraying Meemaw, but this storyline just isn’t as funny and well explored as it could have been. Also, it gets resolved way too quickly. I liked it that in the end Sheldon chose Amy instead of his Meemaw, but with that scene the story was over, even though it felt like it wasn’t.

Meanwhile, a girl named Claire asks Raj to help her with a screenplay she’s writing. He agrees to help her, but when Howard reminds him he has a girlfriend, Raj tries to find ways to solve the problem: breaking up with Emily, dating them both at the same time, a threesome, or telling Claire that he has a girlfriend. He decides to go for the last option, but when Claire tells him that they did have a vibe, Raj has already fallen in love with her.

This episode had an open ending and we will obviously hear more about the relationship of Raj and Emily. I think it’s still weird that Laura Spencer, who’s playing Emily, hasn’t been present in most of the episodes of this season (especially considering that she’s a series regular now). They haven’t really developed a character for her, and now they’re already exploring a story for Raj and Claire. I hope they won’t go too deep into a love triangle thing because that is one of the most annoying sitcom tropes to me. But we will see what happens in the coming episodes.

I’ve enjoyed season 9 so far, especially compared to last season, but this was one of the lesser episodes this season.

Rating: 7.5/10