Brooklyn Nine-Nine: (S03E15) “The 9-8″

Review: When a pipe bursts in another precinct, the Nine-Nine has to share their precinct with the Nine-Eight cops. Terry promises they’ll be “cordial AF.”, (As Frasier, because this is primetime, not cable), but this proves to be quite a challenge. The Nine-Eight cops are loud, obnoxious and they manage to get on everyone’s nerves. Terry loses his computer, Rosa’s new desk mate is “chatty”  (the horror!) and Amy’s Nine-Eight nemesis has a service dog to assist him with his “mild foot pain”. Fed up, the Nine-Nine cops recreate their office on the roof (yes, literally on the roof, with a printer and everything), but Holt forces them to get back inside and make more of an effort.

Among the Nine-Eight cops is Stevie Shillings, Jake’s very first partner, played by Damon Wayans Jr., last seen as Coach on New Girl. While Jake is beyond excited to be working a case with his fellow “Beatsie Boy”, Boyle is not amused. When Jake senses that Charles feels left out, he tries to include him, changing the Beatsie boys to the Police Pals (Boyle’s choice!). But Stevie and Charles have different approaches to working the case. On their stakeout, Stevie suggests they bust in and arrest the suspected drugdealer, but Charles is convinced it’s not the right time yet and that busting in might blow the case. Jake agrees with Stevie and they bust in… but the suspect is clean. When they find probable cause to search the place anyway and they find the drugs they were looking for under the sink.

Back at the precinct, Charles confides in Jake that, despite his admitted jealousy, he’s convinced Stevie planted the drugs. When Jake tries to arrest Stevie, it turns into Battle of the Precincts, with all the cops physically letting out their frustrations. Holt breaks up the fight, calling on all the cops to stop. According to Holt, because of their immaturity, they’ve caused the radiator to break down, making it impossible for the Nine-Eight to stay any longer. But Gina sees right through Holt; not the fight, but Holt himself broke the radiator. Even the Captain couldn’t be “cordial AF”, after his office mate used his letteropener “to cut his sandwich in half!”. Guess we all have our limits.

In the end, we get a nice treat: the Police Pals’s rendition of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” !