Fresh Off The Boat (S02E12) “Love And Loopholes”

Review: To give Jessica and Louis a kid-less evening on Valentine’s Day, Honey and Marvin propose to babysit Evan and Emery (Eddie is at a Janet Jackson concert). But when Emery goes back home during a game of ‘Dare and Dare’ he’s playing with Marvin, he finds out that his parents aren’t on a romantic date, but they’re doing their taxes. This hits Emery because his parents were the example of romance for him. But in the end of the episode, Jessica, Louis and Marvin make him realize that romance doesn’t always have to be about big gestures, but they can be small as well.

While Emery is at the Huang house, trying to understand romance, Evan and Marvin bond when Evan finds out a secret about him. Even though this was a small story line, I thought the dynamic between Evan and Marvin was pretty great and funny!

Another story in this episode is about Eddie and his friend Trent who try to win Janet Jackson tickets so that Eddie can take Alison. But when Trent is the one winning the 2 tickets, and doesn’t want to give both to Eddie, he needs to come up with a plan so that all three of them can go. He wants to buy an extra ticket from a scalper, but he eventually loses all the tickets. Lucky for them though, they run into Janet’s producers who give them tickets for the next night. The seats are pretty bad though because the three of them sit directly behind a pillar and can’t see anything. This story line felt really rushed, and could have been explored much better.

It suddenly hit me how much older Forrest Wheeler looks compared to last season, or maybe even the beginning of season 2. Also, he has really developed as an actor and I thought he did a fantastic job this week! I liked it that we got to see a bit more of Marvin, I think he’s a fun recurring character!

Rating: 8/10