Grandfathered (S01E15) “The Biter”

Review: Gerald and Vanessa have created an app called Co-Parent Pro, but they need somebody to invest in it so they can develop it. Ravi invites his rich ‘friend’ Kirk (Drake Bell) so that they can pitch their idea. He is not very nice though, but eventually they come to an agreement that works for all of them.

While Gerald and Vanessa were busy working on the app, Jimmy and Sara took over the parenting a little bit. When Edie gets bitten at school (twice), they try to figure out who it was.

I loved the chemistry between Jimmy and Sara in this episode and I also liked how Gerald and Vanessa were working together. Seeing Drake and Josh back together again, with some nice references to their old show ‘Drake & Josh’ was really great! My favorite one was: “You remind me of my stepbrother. … He’s in jail, for stalking Oprah”. And as exciting as it was to see Drake and Josh, I thought it was great that the episode wasn’t only about this reunion.

So overall I thought this was a great episode and I especially thought Paget Brewster and Ravi Patel did a fantastic job this week!

Rating: 8/10

Drake and Josh fans: Sound familiar?

And this is for the Criminal Minds fans