New Girl: (S05E06) “Reagan”

Review: Despite proposing, Schmidt hasn’t actually put a ring on it. Schmidt-y is feeling the pressure of having to find the perfect ring for his perfect wife-to-be. In the meantime, CeCe is ring-free and seemingly still on the market. Schmidt isn’t happy about this.

Nick, meanwhile, wants magic: for music to swell, the wind to blow and the clouds to part. Love. Winston agrees in his own dorky way. Winston’s partner, Ally, however, thinks the guys should be more realistic when looking for love. Nick, in the prime of his life, thinks it’s too soon for that. He sprains his back proving just how much in the prime of his life he is.

At the doctor’s office, magic walks in in the form of Megan Fox as Reagan, a pharmaceutical rep in town for a month and in need of a place to live. Fortunately for Reagan, Jess is still on jury duty, leaving Nick free to offer her Jess’s room. When Reagan visits the loft to check out the place – hoping they have a rain shower – Nick does everything he can to get Reagan to move in. He cleans his room (yes, Nick Miller cleaned his room!) and tries to install a rain shower with duct tape. But Reagan is not convinced. 

When the rest of the gang meets Reagan, it turns out that Reagan and CeCe have history. During the summer of 2003, at the MTV Beachhouse, CeCe and Reagan hooked up! Schmidt needs time to process…  

Until he catches Reagan putting antiseptic gel – “You’re gonna love it, astronauts use it so masturbate!” – on CeCe’s finger after she’s accidentally cut it. Schmidt freaks out, wanting Reagan to leave. While Schmidt can appreciate “the fluidity of sexuality” and he’s “practically a woman himself”, he doesn’t  want to be the “Bridgette Wilson-Sampras” in this scenario and lose CeCe to someone else before their wedding. Angry at his lack of trust, CeCe storms out of the loft. 

Reagan, a real lone wolf, isn’t in the mood for friendship drama. She gives Schmidt a uterus-shaped stress toy! Schmidt and Reagan – who have really great chemistry! –  talk about Schmidt’s jealousy and Schmidt reveals that he just doesn’t feel good enough for CeCe. Reagan gets it; she agrees that he isn’t good enough for CeCe and understands “quantum physics more than how you ended up with CeCe”. She convinces Schmidt to just love CeCe instead of worrying she’ll leave him and fix things. 

At the bar, Nick tells Winston he’s giving up on Reagan, opting for a more realistic girl instead. Schmidt and Reagan show up and Schmidt apologizes, admitting he just can’t believe a girl like CeCe is marrying him. Him, who spent that same summer of 2003 watching Felicity on VHS and recording a fake radio show where he reviewed snacks. Haah! He gives CeCe an invisible ring and his trust, promising her they’ll get a real ring in the morning. 

Finally, Reagan pours Nick a drink and Nick feels magic.  Then, Reagan leaves before he can stop her and the gang decides to track her down so she’ll move in. This quickly turns creepy when they wait for her inside of her hotel room. Creepy, but it works: Reagan decides to move in! We’ll be seeing more of Megan Fox and I, for one, am super excited!