The Bachelor (S20E6): “Week 6: The Bahamas”


When you picture The Bachelor and his competing wives in the Bahamas for a week, you initially think smiles and suntans, right? Think again. This week’s journey to the Bahamas was more like a tropical storm than anything else. Here’s what hit our TV’s last night.

To start the episode, Caila gets a second one on one date with Ben, which causes lots of emotions to arise within the girls. The most of these insecurities come from Leah, who doesn’t feel like she is getting enough attention from Ben. During the romantic and casual one on one date, Caila says she feels like she is in love with Ben, but at the same time, she doesn’t think she is ready to open up to him because she is afraid she will hurt Ben. In a clarifying conversation, she goes on to say that the love comes from a sense of understanding she gets when she is with Ben. Before giving her a rose, Ben says, “It’s almost attractive that Caila can be confusing because it means she’s not just the smiley, bubbly girl that everybody likes to be around.”

On the group date, the girls experience the unpredictability of life while feeding pigs chicken hot dogs. And not your cute little baby pigs, but massive and hungry pigs. Ben thought it was adorable and mentioned that some girls were making the pigs chase them. What I think he meant to say was that the girls were so freaked out by the pigs that they were running away from them. Once the chaos settled, everyone got uncomfortable, Ben included. This was definitely one of the most awkward group dates ever. Nobody felt comfortable being with Ben because they all felt he spent time with others more than themselves. 

My biggest issue during this date was Leah. She constantly complained that Ben didn’t know her, but never used her time with him appropriately. And later on that evening, she lied to the other girls, claiming she did not speak to Ben about any of them when she had. While she did not state a name, Leah did spend her time complaining about a relationship that Ben had with another girl that she claimed was two sided. Ben took this as Lauren B. and confronted her. She got emotional and Ben left the date confused. Leah then makes the brave but idiotic decision to confront Ben in his hotel room. Instead of talking about herself, though, she continued talking about Lauren B. which was ultimately her downfall. Ben sent her home immediately, saying, “I don’t know what’s missing, but it is.” In an attempt to sabotaged Lauren B., Leah sabotaged herself. 

The stormy weather of the two on one date paired nicely with the emotions of both Olivia and Emily throughout the day. Olivia is the first to outright say she is in love with Ben and the following conversation Ben has with Emily seems to hold less chemistry than ever before. There were multiple moments I was expecting a kiss and it didn’t happen. Ben steals Olivia away again and, with the rose in his hand, tells Olivia he will never be able to reciprocate the feelings she has for him and sends her home. The happy duo, Emily and Ben, then ride off in a boat while Olivia stands on the island alone with her head down. No matter how much you hate Olivia, that scene will make you feel sorry for her. I promise.

The episode ended calmly, with no cocktail hour. After watching the preview for the rest of the season, I am excited. It certainly looks like Ben ends up conflicted about the love of his life and may initially send home the wrong girl. With only six girls left, pressure is rising. I’m more eager than ever for new episodes, and curious who gets married in the Season 20 Valentine special this Sunday. Stay tuned for more “Tropical Storms” next week.