Arrow (s04e13) – Sins of the Father

You know, any episode with League of Assassins is automatically one of my least favorite episodes, and this episode was no exception.

Oliver was still trying to save Thea and Nyssa had the cure (the MacGuffin of the episode). Throughout the whole episode he was trying to save Thea and get the cure without killing Malcolm because Malcolm is Thea’s father and Oliver still holds out hope that he will come around and be a normal dad to her. Felicity, very smartly, pointed out that Malcolm drugged Thea and had her kill Sara for his own benefit, and that probably Thea will never have a normal relationship with him, but Oliver was still hoping.

Felicity’s dad was introduced last episode and this episode he basically revealed himself to Felicity which was pretty quickly and surprising. Felicity wanted to believe that he had changed but Donna told her that people do not change (which was an overall theme of this episode: Malcolm not being able to change, and Felicity’s dad also. Oliver was used as an example that people can change but if you all remember, he’s keeping a secret from Felicity so when she finds out, she will believe Donna’s words once and for all).

Felicity then tested her father and realized that he hadn’t changed so she turned him in to the police. It was so sad to watch because Felicity always puts other people first, and every time they asked her what was wrong, she said it wasn’t as big of a deal as Thea dying so she never actually said that much about how she was feeling. Oliver said something really important to her at the end ‘You don’t have to be funny for me’, and that is true. Felicity is a character that always uses humor as a way to mask whatever is bothering her, she keeps everything bottled up and no wonder she almost broke last season and kept crying so much, it might happen this season too.

I am really mad that the writers are treating Laurel like some random girl…They aren’t giving her anything this season, she is just a background character.

As far as this week’s plot goes, they kept fighting for the cure, Nyssa against Malcolm etc, and then Oliver cut off Malcolm’s hand and gave his ring to Nyssa in order to save Thea, which made Malcolm mad so he went to Damien Darhk and told him that Oliver has a child. So Malcolm is once again a little evil worm that needs to die asap.

This brings us closer to the reveal of the person in the coffin.

Who do you think it is? Oliver’s child? Oliver’s child’s mom? Donna? Quentin? Share your theories.

Rating: 6/10 because of the LoA stuff