Baby Daddy (s05e02): Reinventing the Wheeler

This episode was really stupid if you ask me, and it didn’t have that many funny moments. You know, I don’t think comedies are realistic but there is a line that has to be drawn so the show doesn’t become ridiculous. Last week we had someone deliver a baby in a carriage and this week wasn’t that different as far as ridiculousness goes.

Ben wanted to find his soulmate so he asked Riley to help him. She tried to help him but he is too much of a child to understand anything she’s saying. She fixed him up with her coworker but he blew it.

Danny was feeling stressed because his coach hated him so Bonnie gave him pot. In the predictable turn of events, his team had to get their drug test done the next day. Bonnie took Emma’s pee and wanted to replace Danny’s but she didn’t succeed so she went to ask Ben but he couldn’t do it, so he asked the girl he was on a date with, of course. In the end, Bonnie did it herself and replaced Danny on the ice-rink. Tucker was absent this episode.

Ben, after he had blown it with the girl, told Riley that he wants a girl that will like him for who he is and that he won’t have to pretend he’s something he’s not (because actually growing up and acting like a normal person is something he should never do, duh). He talked to his neighbour (whose baby he delivered in the previous episode) and noticed that he likes her but that she probably sees him as a friend (which makes no sense since they were on a DATE in the previous episode and she was constantly making up excuses to come and see him).

All in all, I did not like this episode. This show really needs to stop being so over the top with the silly stuff and just focus on the friendships and relationships like it did before, because the public can pretend some stuff are possible in the real world, but some other stuff not even kids would believe.

Rating 5/10