Black-ish: (S02E14) “Sink Or Swim”

Review: When Dre notices that his neighbor Janine has never invited the Johnsons to her weekly pool parties, he assumes it’s because of the negative stereotype that black people can’t swim. He confronts her about it and finds out it’s actually because she didn’t think he liked her. Dre, eager to at least be invited to her pool parties, denies this and it works in his favor. Sort of. Yes, he gets invited, but then there’s that pesky little problem…

Dre really can’t swim! His bones are simply too dense. But that doesn’t mean he wants others to know that. And it definitely doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be invited to pool parties. Despite taking a lesson to try to learn how to swim in a week, he ends up nearly drowning at the pool part and revealing exactly what he tried so hard to hide.

Bow, meanwhile, realizes how easy it is for Zoey to make money: she’s gotten boys to donate money for her Chanel bag. Horrified at her daughter becoming a “lady of leisure”, she sets out to teach Zoey (and Junior, who gives girls money so they’ll say hi to him without recoiling) how much more rewarding it is to work for your belongings. At Janine’s party, misjudges one such “lady of leisure”. Played by Brittany Daniel (one of the Sweet Valley High twins), this “lady of leisure” ends up being a neurosurgeon who just has time for yoga and her husband, too. A mortified Bow is fortunately saved by the sounds of her drowning husband in Janine’s pool.

Finally, Jack and Diane are a part of the Girls’ and Boys’ Rovers Organization. As much as grandma Ruby wants them to stick to their own activities, they can’t help but envy each other for the things the other gets to do. Diane wants to make knots and do cool boy stuff and Jack would be much happier making delicious casseroles. They switch teams, but all is revealed at Janine’s pool party when Diane saves her father from drowning, and the youngest Johnsons admit how much happier they are with the other’s activities. All’s well that ends well.