Shadowhunters (S01E05): “Moo Shu to Go”


In tonight’s episode of the Shadowhunters, tensions between the Shadowhunters is growing especially between Alec and Clary, as they don’t see eye to eye on the best way to hunt down Valentine. 

Clary and Izzy share a really sweet moment at the start of this episode, I love seeing them bond, watching their friendship grow is nice to see. It was even sadder for Izzy right after that conversation about what an amazing mum Clary has, we finally meet hers, which looks to be the complete opposite. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised that they introduced her so soon, since, this adaption is introducing a lot of the other cast members early.

Whilst, there she sends Jace and Isabelle on an intel mission to the Seelies  and Alec is put in charge of keeping Clary safe. The scene between Alec and Jace, was really well done, just like in the books. I loved seeing it, Alec hardly said anything, but it was clear, with his expressions and just everything, Matthew did an excellent job. His portrayal of Alec is phenomenal, he plays him so well.

Magnus and Alec shared a nice small scene in all this hectic chaos, which was cute for the Malec fans. So I’m not quite sure if Simons knows what’s up with him, but he knows that somethings clearly up, which is why he keeps turning up at the Hotel DuMort.

Meanwhile, Clary leaves the institute hoping that she’ll find something at her house, that will help her find her Mum. Which is a struggle for Alec since he’s trying to keep his promise to Jace and also follow the rules. It was so awesome to see Simon back with them, and his Vampire abilities are obviously kicking in, with his strength, first all the jumps and then when they get taken by the werewolves, he just brakes the cuffs.

Furious that Alec couldn’t keep Clary safe, Jace is frustrated and angry and takes it out on Alec, it so heart wrenching to watch, but only cause Dominic and Matthew do such a great job at it. The CGI and special effects for the werewolves are actually really good. Also as a fan of Simon and Izzy, I loved the scene were she saves him. The end is kinda sad though seeing Jace leave Alec and Izzy to help Clary after everything they’ve been through, I’m really curious to see how they deal with everything moving forward.

Anyways, today’s episode was pretty good all in all, although I cant wait to see what happens next week.