The Goldbergs (S03E14) “Lainey Loves Lionel”

Review: Adam wants to watch the movie Porky’s, but Beverly doesn’t want his beautiful and innocent eyes to see it, because of the movie’s potty language, adult situations and of course its Florida attitude. Adam and his friends try to sneak into the movie theater with Annie tickets, but Adam decides not to go at the last minute because he’s scared. So when his friends are watching Porky’s, he’s in the theater watching Annie. When Murray finds out that he went to see Annie instead of Porky’s, he feels like Adam should be less of a wuss and decides to force Adam to see Porky’s. When Adam is finally at the theater, Bev busts him, grounds him and she takes away his Nintendo and his telephone time, which means that he can’t call Dana on Valentine’s Day. Inspired by his dad who told him to break the rules, Adam buys a flight ticket to Seattle to go see Dana in person, but he freaks out on the plane when he realizes how long the flight is and that there’s turbulence predicted. He calls home, and of course gets in even more trouble, especially because Murray is angry at him as well now for doing such a crazy thing. But Beverly and Murray do realize that Adam is growing up, especially after they see him sneaking out on Valentine’s Day to call Dana.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Lainey wants to make sure that Barry doesn’t do anything big for her (you know, like picking her up in a hot air balloon). Erica suggests that he should just give her flowers, but according to him “they’re nature’s trash”, so he goes for a much more romantic approach: sculpting Lainey’s head out of clay, like in the video of Lionel Richie’s Hello. Of course all of his attempts look disastrous, but every time we get to see some of the sculptures, it made me laugh out loud. Meanwhile, Geoff is still trying to impress Erica by giving her roses and putting doves, err… albino pigeons in her locker. But Erica isn’t impressed, and Geoff decides that it’s enough: he can’t get her to like him. Erica is fine with the fact that Geoff leaves her alone now, until she sees what Barry and Lainey have. Lainey appreciates the effort that Barry put in all the sculptures, and tells him that that’s why she loves him. That’s the point where something seems to change for Erica. She looks at Geoff like she never has before, and realizes that maybe he isn’t such a bad guy.

This really was a fantastic episode, I laughed out loud a lot and I thought both story lines were great! My favorite scene might have been where Adam and Dana are on the phone and Murray tries to get Adam to break the rules. I thought the interactions in that scene between Adam and Murray (and Dana on the phone) were really funny. I’m really happy to see some progress between Erica and Geoff because I just really want them to happen as a couple!

Rating: 9.5/10

One of the best scenes: