The Shannara Chronicles (S01E07): “Breakline”


In tonight’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles, Amberle and Eretria are of the run from the bloodthirsty and vicious Elf Hunters. They cut off elf ears and sell them to gnomes who believe that they have special healing powers. After escaping from Pykon, Wil is separated from Eretria and Amberle, he goes off searching for them and on the way he makes and unexpected friend, who the Elf hunters were also tracking.

Meanwhile at the palace, the King sends Ander and Arion to assassinate the Dagda Mor. We also get to see into Arion and Commander Tilton’s relationship. 

So after the shocking finale of last weeks episode, we thought we had seen the last of Allanon, thankfully, he made his way back to the Druid Cave, which is absolutely breathtaking the location shots were beautiful. Tonight’s director did an incredible job.

Whilst on the run from the Elf Hunters, Amberele drops her fathers sword. So once they realize the new elf that there hunting is a Royal, the stakes are even higher.  Eretria and Amberle get into a bit of trouble when they fall into an old building which turned out to be an old high school, and the decorations show that it was a prom or maybe some sort of school dance event.

Turns out Amberle is quite a fan and possible intrigued by the old customs of man, while Eretria frantically is trying to find a way out. Okay HANDS DOWN, these were the best character development scenes of the night. Also especially for those Amtria fans out there, finally we saw Amberle and Eretria be honest with one another, and it was really nice to see.

So knowing that the changeling is embodying the King, as a viewer I was really hesitant to see what was going to happen to Arion and Ander, and obviously it was a trap. This scene was also incredible to watch, especially the dynamics between the brothers, since they are always butting heads and not seeing eye to eye. Watching them work together,  was a such a pivotal development in their relationship. It was really disappointing to see that it ended, just when they had the potential to become even closer from there. It was heartbreaking having to watch Ander watch Arion die, and he couldn’t do anything. Thankfully Allanon came back in time to save him though. The intense face off that Ander was having with the Dagda Mor was giving me chills, brilliant acting.

Like Amberle said, Wil would come and save them at the last moment, and so he did, the reunion was perfect, kinda gut wrenching to watch though, seeing Eretria’s face when Amberle and Wil hug. It’s obvious that they both care for him, and that’s the best and worse part of watching a love triangle. Just as they were getting away Eretria gets hit, I really do hope that they come back for her after all those times shes been saving them. 

Finally Ander kills the changeling, knowing that the man standing in front of him, isn’t his father, which must of be horrible for him as a character, even knowing what he did. OMG seriously ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT. This show is excellent, it goes by way to fast cause its absolutely freaking excellent, I really do hope we see a Season Two. I’d love to see what they do next.