Young and Hungry (s03e02): Young & Coachella

In last episode, Gabi and Josh got back together, but that left Jake (Josh’s brother) very hurt. He wanted to be a bigger person and act like he’s okay with all of it, but in the end it turned out he wasn’t because he subconsciously sabotaged Gabi and Josh’s date. Sofia was telling Jake that he can’t be so perfect all the time and that he must be mad at Josh and Gabi, which turned out to be true. Sofia was dumped by her boyfriend and she wanted to get revenge but she took a page from Jake’s book and left her ex a passive-aggressive note instead. In the end, since Josh and Gabi couldn’t have sex on their trip, they rushed back to Josh’s house to have sex but they passed out. Jake asked Sofia if they can have rebound sex and they did.

All in all, I wanted Sofia with Jake so this is a happy turn of events.

Rating 9/10