Suits (S05E13): “God’s Green Earth”


On tonight’s episode of Suits, the tensions and stakes were high, and I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re going to see. I’ve just got to say that this story arc is incredible the writers have outdone themselves this half of the season.

It’s so great to see them in the court room more and more now, I cant wait till we get to the trial episode, if it goes that far, knowing Suits, anything could change at a moments notice. It starts off with Harvey and Mike finally getting access to the discovery from Gibbs, and they finally set a date for trial in 2 weeks.

Meanwhile an article is released on the firm, which causes a lot of damage to their reputation. Obviously Jack Soloff, is the first one at the helm to help, whether he’s scheming his way to make Partner or he has another motive, I’m really curious to see how this play works out.

Last weeks episode, Gibbs was after Donna’s father and in tonight’s episode her new target is Rachel, which makes Mike even more frustrated. Clearly she didn’t stop their by telling Mike and Harvey, as Gibbs ambushes Rachel on the sidewalk and to top it all off insulted her “I understand if you prefer to ask somebody who’s actually completed law school if that’s legally binding”. I mean the lengths this woman goes to just to put them under pressure is really impressive, but it also reminds me a lot of how Mike and Harvey work.

With the talk of the article, turns out that no one from Harvard wants to come and work at Pearson, Spector, Litt anymore, it just reminds me of the pilot episode with the hundreds of people who were lining up just to get an interview with Harvey for the associate positions. In the end Louis gives in and reaches out to the other top 20 Colleges, turns out its not just the students from Harvard who don’t want to work at their firm.

The scene with Gibbs and Rachel is really good, the honesty about Rachel and Mike’s options is good to hear. With everyone’s emotions, in this tough situation, its okay that Rachel can think about it. I mean everyone’s lives are being affected, its obvious that she has to consider all the possible situations. It just really sucks to watch it impact on everyone’s relationships so harshly, but its excellent to watch it all play out.

I loved the confrontational scene between Jessica and Harvey, I really hope that they can work together to help the firm stay afloat with Mike’s case. At the moment its just causing a lot of stress is on Jessica and she’s dealing with it all on here own. I mean I really love it when Harvey and Jessica are on the same page, so hopefully this gets fixed. I mean Jessica’s desperate to do whatever it takes to keep her firm going, I just hope that her reaching out for Jack’s help doesn’t ruin her, I still don’t trust him.

Okay all the confrontational scenes with everyone is giving me anxiety, I mean can they last, between Mike and Rachel, Louis and Shelia, and just everyone. I’m not sure if it can with stand what there going through. Seriously I really hope that it can, they’ve been through a lot together.

So much happened in tonight’s episode and I could talk about it forever, it was just that good.

But my personal favorite moment of tonight’s episode, had to been the final scene Scottie and Harvey shared. I know a lot of people ship Darvey and there are probably very few who liked them together. But I myself personally loved what Aaron Korsh created with their relationship, and it was heartbreaking that it didn’t work out. The raw emotions that Scottie and Harvey shared in this scene were incredible. I absolutely love Abigail Spencer she’s a phenomenal actress, and when I found out way back when that she was coming back for season 5 I was ecstatic. But so disappointed when it was just for a 2 minute scene in the first half of the season. I’m so glad that we get to see more of her again, her character has always intrigued me.

The other highlight of the night was when Scottie and Rachel finally met, after all this seasons and never one exchange between these characters. But the wait was worth it and also it was the best timing, for a first interaction if was perfection. I would love to see these two work together, also I loved how as two female characters there was not pettiness between the two. Which is just so refreshing to see on screen, I mean its not all the time that we see female characters seeing eye to eye or at least respecting each others viewpoints. And so politely I might add, it was excellence at its finest, so thanks to the writers for that one. 

So Suits delivered on another great episode, coupled with the acting and writing, its why this has always and will continue to be one of my favorite cable shows on air. I cant wait to see more.