The 100: (S03E04) ‘Watch The Thrones’

Wow. That’s the first word that popped into my head when the credits started rolling and the theme music picked up. Wow, what an episode. It was adrenalin fuelled and some major alliances were either broken or created. Every inch of this episode was amazing. The major battle scene, the scheming, the betrayals and even the trailer for next week delivered. The name for this episode was definitely spot on. This was all about power and the people willing to do anything for it.

I initially thought that there is definitely too many wars going on. The Ice Nation with Lexa, with the Skykru and then the Arcadia’s inner battles. Now that at least one of those divisions are out of the race, it comes down to the Skykru’s next move. Bellamy’s betrayal was not only annoying, heart-breaking but also needed. I like this new side of Bellamy and something tells me he will make it up. Not anytime soon but a certain blonde might just do the trick.

The acting was also powerful, especially Jasper’s performance. The breakdown was coming and poor Monty had to suffer the brunt of it. I am still anxiously waiting for Clarke to return so that she can whipped everyone back into shape but I’ll be patient for now. I also loved learning about the Grounders traditions. It added a lot to the story building.

Great episode.