Deadpool Movie Review (2016)

Everyone was thanking their Chimichanga  Gods when they heard that this film was being made! And a lot of people had their doubts that this would be a successful film that it would fail like X-Men Origins Wolverine did; but don’t worry I wont bring that pile of garbage up again because thats ancient history, the new history is the film that I am reviewing for all of you today and that film is Deadpool!

The film brings us forward where Wade Wilson is already the main character of the film Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) calling for a taxi to be taken to the busy bypass of a highway. While in the taxi Deadpool feels like his driver Dopinder (Karan Soni) is distracted by driving by the speed limit, so he asks whats up! Dopinder then tells Mr. Pool what is wrong by then Deadpool gives him the greatest advice anyone can give to win back your woman’s heart (no not really but it was bat-shit hilarious). Deadpool then has Dopinder stop the taxi which then instead of giving money to his driver he gives him a high-five for payment. Deadpool then gets out of the taxi and awaits for his moment to shine with the first blood bath that you see on screen. After he does his little drawing of him killing Francis aka Ajax (Ed Skrein) on paper, he hops into a moving SUV beginning to slaughter every man in that vehicle. He then causes a huge accident which kills one of the motorcyclists and kills pretty much everyone in the other SUV. Deadpool then realizes he doesn’t have enough bullets for everyone so he then improvises like how he usually does. The film then does a good montage of how Wade Wilson became Deadpool which then makes a full circle of love that is; no I’m kidding why on earth would a film make a full circle of love that would just be way too weird or hilarious depends on how your humor sees it. But no I was serious it does become full circle and if you missed the first oh lets say 5 minutes of the film no worries this film goes back enough in the timeline so you can catch up; why you ask? Its Deadpool, why does he do half the bat-shit craziness that he does?

Overall this film was a really great film, I managed to catch most of the hilarious puns from other movies such as Star Wars, The Matrix, Wolverine, and Green Lantern. This film is not like any other Marvel film and truth be told I would advise all adults who have children do not take your kids to this film! Just wait for it to come onto the FX network for your kids that way the film would be edited for them to see it; sound good?  Yeah! Awesome! Now this film did have a end credits scene however the studio did cut it to be 2 scenes instead of 1 even though it was all just 1 whole message anyway. And I also loved the joke/ but serious note added into the film when Deadpool goes to the Xavier Mansion and only sees Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Teenage Megasonic Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) that the studio ran out of money to add anymore of the X-Men into the film which you never know that could even be a true note but it did had quite a lot of humor and had Hugh Jackman’s face plastered through some scenes of the film. Overall a great film and I would have to give it 5 out of 5 stars!