HTGAWM: (S02E10) “What Happened to You, Annalise?”

It’s amazing how Annalise still wants to see Wes who shot her not in the leg but somewhere near her stomach. Even though she survives something that we all know she would but hey it serves as a cliffhanger for a mid season finale.

What actually happened in this episode is that we saw an emergence of two stories one being the Wes angle with Rebecca now dead that may come in the middle soon to destroy relations the main story being the Christoff name she kept on repeating when Wes shot her, and second one being the one shown in the promo. Which we will all see next week.

Now that the two brother and sister story is over her saving both of them and pinning it on Philip she is back hallucinating about the baby. 

A flashback showed her visiting the mother of Wes and we also saw her give the baby in the hallucination.

It is safe to say this season won’t disappoint!