Scandal (S05E10): “It’s Hard Out Here For A General”

Review: Previously on Scandal… remember the time when Olivia was being the new White House party planner, only solving one cookie-problem at a time, by finding a missing snickerdoodle recipe? Olivia obviously could not be more bored. Meanwhile Mellie was actually standing up for something by ‘taking the floor’ to save Planned Parenthood. Anyway, Olivia ended up aborting Fitz’ child instead of going to the Cabinets dinner she planned herself. So after dealing with the ‘Rowan being released from prison’ situation Fitz did not handle the news of Olivia aborting his baby very well. Finally Fitz and Olivia got into a fight (shock right there) and then Olivia said it: “THERE IS NO US”.

So, as the episode starts, 6 months have passed and everybody supposedly moved on with their lives, but a lot has changed. A lot. But, first things first, we get a Liberty report by good old Sally Langston, who is still serving the lovers of Liberty, stating it’s all about power. ‘Being powerless’ is as ‘being impotent’, according to Sally. And who would want to be impotent? Sally definitely doesn’t. And the rambling speech goes on, but as we will soon see everybody is indeed being very busy to make sure they have power (and not become impotent).

In the next scenes we are then looking at Olivia and papa Pope having dinner and drinking wine in an actual restaurant? Apparently they now speak to each other again? Olivia did (sort of) save Rowan’s life by helping him getting released from prison, but this dinner seems rather cozy. Releasing someone from prison doesn’t mean you forgive and forget. Don’t we still hate Rowan? Anyway, Olivia and Rowan discuss what it’s like to have ‘the Oval’ and Olivia admits she liked having power and hated being Fitz’ puppet. Of course by admitting this, she could not have made Rowan more happy. So far, so good. But Olivia’s night got even better, because guess who was waiting for her when she went back to her apartment…? Yes, that’s right. JAKE. Oh how we’ve missed Jake. Olivia tells him to go away, but isn’t very convincing. Besides, who would want Jake to go away anyway. So Jake stays…

Just until Huck turns up to the apartment, bringing Olivia the name of a new client and Olivia immediately tells Jake to get out. Pope and associates get to work to clear the name of the woman who’s the (soon to be ex-) head of the NSA, but can’t seem to find the man who is responsible for stealing and potentially leaking classified NSA documents to the press.

Meanwhile Fitz is stalking Abby. Since Abby is the only person in the White House left who Fitz still trusts, she has become his new “workwife”. This means Abby doesn’t get a lot of sleep anymore. Fitz calls Abby every night about anything really. This confirms once again that Fitz really can’t do anything by himself. He needed Mellie, he needed Olivia and now he is claiming Abby.

Speaking of Mellie. Halfway through the episode Mellie shows up in Olivia’s office asking her for an opinion on her new book. Yes, Mellie has become a writer. And the book she wants Olivia to read looks like a very big, red bible. Olivia doesn’t really care about the book, but Mellie will not take no for an answer. She thinks a book will make her the new president. We will see about that.

As it turns out Olivia should have kept a better eye on Jake instead of just sleeping with him. A LOT. Because Pope and associates fail to help out their client and they got Jake to blame for it. Jake is still working together with Rowan, but he is also working together with (and killing people for) the President. As a result the President named Jake (!) the new head of the NSA, giving Jake (and of course Rowan) a whole lot of power. Clearly no impotence here. Olivia confronts Jake, who by the way is having dinner with Rowan in Rowans’ house, which is just the creepiest thing. Jake doesn’t say much and is not impressed with anything Olivia says. Rowan intervenes and speaks up in a way only Rowan can and tells Olivia to stop being such a moralist, because they now have power to make the world a safer place. Could someone please remind Olivia this is why she should not have dinner with her father? Rowan then suggests Olivia do the same and get herself some real power herself. He then refers to Olivia and Jake as his daughter and son. And I have to say this kind of ruined the Jolivia/Oliviake-thing. Isn’t this enough reason to hate papa Pope. By saying this he made Olivia and Jake are siblings, which just makes Oliviake kind of incestious?!

Anyways. Towards the end we see a pissed-off Olivia who does take some action in order to (re)gain some power as she teams up with Mellie and offers her to help her write a better book. Not sure when she possibly would have had the time to actually read that book, but who cares. She tells Mellie that she will need to come up with something better, because this book is boring and way to ‘easy’. I think Mellie went to easy on Fitz. So now Olivia and Mellie are going to write a book. Together. Meaning Fitz probably will not get off the hook easy anymore. Yay. And I really can’t wait for them to start writing. This is going to be good.