Teen Wolf : S05E16 “Lie Ability”

Finally Finally we are getting back to the real show again. Enough with the talking, the weird looks to one another, & back to the fighting. This episode was definitely action packed. We continue where the previous episode left off, which was at Eichen House & everyone is trapped inside.

Theo the traitor manages to get his claws around Lydia’s neck to stop the Hell hound from pouncing on him after the failed attempt from all the chimeras to put him down. Unfortunately Dr. Valack doesn’t go down easily & managed to get his hands on the drill his been using on Lydia’s skull & drills a hole in Theo’s leg. (at that moment we are all like yayyy doc) But of course he just wants to experiment on her further. He manages to drag her to an underground basement type torture chamber where he ties Lydia up & keeps on trying to make her crack.

Lydia is just too lucky she has persevering friends who keep on pushing to find her. After a little while you can get tired of a Banshee’s constant screaming because other than for her morbid use of predicting someones death she really can’t do much that keep screaming & its annoying. I personally think that theres way too much time spent on Lydia & her nonsense screaming than there is on an actual fight between all the supernatural creatures.

We learn a few things in this episode, to stop Parrish you need to pierce him with something sharp & metal, a Hell hound can prevent a Banshees screams from killing everyone in the vicinity & that the Hell hound is a Super amazing supernatural being who gets our thumbs of approval.

Of course they do save Lydia but just in time for her to take half of Dr. Valack’s face off & kill him. Finally after a long long season of confusion its a WIN for Scott Mc call & his pack.  I have no idea what’s going to happen in the next few episodes but I hope we can all let go of Lydia & saving her & get down to defeating the Beast & Theo.