The Middle (S07E14) “Film, Friends and Fruit Pies”

Review: As Frankie narrates in the beginning of the episode, things are going great for the Heck kids.

Let’s start with Sue. She has finally found the perfect roommate, or at least she thinks so, until Lexie starts buying things for their room and expects Sue to pay for her half (‘expects’ may not be the right word here, Lexie just doesn’t realize that Sue isn’t able to afford everything). Sue has a hard time telling Lexie because she is afraid that Lexie doesn’t want to be her roommate anymore. After getting some useful advice from Mike (never friend up because your life will look crappier than it already is), Sue decides that she just has to come clean with Lexie. And when Sue finally tells her that she’s poor, Lexie takes it very well. I really felt bad for Sue because it’s hard to tell your friend that you don’t have the money to pay back. But I’m glad that Lexie is such a good friend that she doesn’t care if Sue has money or not, and it was great that they attended the Taylor Swift concert together, Heck style!

Brick has to do a project for his film class and film an important piece of film history. He is the director and he gets his posse, Cindy and Troy, to act in it. Brick takes his director role very seriously, and treats his friends so bad that they rather lie to him about being sick, than help him with the film. Frankie tells him that he can’t afford to lose friends because he doesn’t have many options, and as it turns out that’s what both Cindy and Troy heard from their parents as well. So the posse is back together again, and they go out to eat fries. Together. The final movie didn’t turn out exactly the way it should have, with a combination of scenes with Cindy, Troy, Mike, Frankie and Brad, but Brick’s editing skills are on point! 😉

When Axl becomes friends with his boss, Mr. Kershaw, he finds out that the company isn’t doing well at all. He tries to make his boss feel better and tells him that nobody eats fruit pies anymore anyway, which eventually causes Mr. Kershaw to close down the whole fruit pie division. Axl is extremely stressed by all of this, especially when Mr. Kershaw tells him that Axl might have his job someday. We didn’t yet get to know what will happen with Axl’s internship now that the fruit pie division doesn’t exist anymore, but I’m sure that will come up in next week’s episode!

Then Mike and Frankie, in between helping Brick with his film, giving Sue advice about friends and listening to Axl’s internship troubles, they have their own little problem: a lose piece found in the carpet, but they have no idea what appliance it belongs to. When Frankie eventually finds out it belongs to the dryer, and even labels this as “a Valentine’s Day miracle”, Mike informs her that he just threw it out the day before. This storyline couldn’t be more relatable to me.

This was a fun episode! I like how The Middle always picks up right where they left off in earlier episodes, with Axl’s internship, Brick’s friends and Sue’s roommate problems. I love the friendship between Sue and Lexie! I thought it was great that they both use for all their college advice. Brick’s storyline was very funny. I don’t know anything about Knots Landing, but Brick’s explanation of the characters and the way Cindy and Troy acted it out was great.

Rating: 8.5/10

One of the biggest LOL moments in this episode: