The Originals: (S03E12) ‘Dead Angels’

The latest round of episodes of The Originals seem to be the same storyline but with different lines. I feel like they’re all becoming very repetitive. It pains me because I really loved this show but that love started to dwindle about a half a season ago.

Cammy and Klaus constant bickering is my tipping point. The will they/won’t they duo has been arguing throughout this season, or should we say entire show? And this new direction of Cammy’s character is really starting to annoy me.

Davina is still on a quest to save Kol and it seems like the dead Mikaelson is having a hard time in the afterlife. I really hope she actually gets to bring him back because this teasing is becoming too much. Bring him back or stop hinting at bringing him back. Its the same concept with the Rebecca scenario. She’s constantly making an appearance but never returning for good. Even Freya hasn’t been on in a while. Is this show still called ‘The Originals’ because I’m not seeing a lot of that.

I did, however, like the power play by Marcel or should I say Elijah? I do wonder if Marcel would be tempted to secretly help Aya break the sire bond. We will have to see what the charming new leader decides.