Grey’s Anatomy (S12E09): “The Sound of Silence”

Review: Where did we leave off? Three months ago Meredith and Amelia were fighting (still are). Alex proposed to Jo. And Jackson and April were trying to make things work again. Or at least April was trying (quite annoyingly). The mid-season finale did not end with some major trauma case or death or other big surprise compared to previous (mid-season) finales. But apparently the writers kept their big trauma case for after the mid-season finale, because this episode Meredith gets randomly attacked by a patient and is badly injured. She is left helpless on the floor waiting for someone to find her or what is left of her. It’s Penny (Blake. The one that ‘killed’ Derek) who eventually finds her. And we then get to see how serious the injuries really are(really, really bad) and Meredith is obviously in a lot of pain.

And I just have to say: hasn’t Meredith had enough? I mean, Meredith almost drowned, almost got blown up by a bomb. Yes, she put her hand into the patient all by herself, but still. And yes the first few season she might have had a death wish, but those dark and twisty days are over right? Then there was the shooting (when Derek almost died), the plane crash (when her sister died). Let’s not forget about that mid-season finale when the ambulance she was in, was hit by a truck (did anyone die?). Christina left. What’s next? Oh yes, that time when Derek actually DIED. So after all this was it really necessary to let her be beaten up by a patient? I don’t think so.

Anyway, everyone is trying their best to help save Meredith’s life. Meredith has broken a lot of bones including a dislocated jaw. They put some scary looking silver wires into her mouth, making it unable for Meredith to speak. Other than that we don’t really know what is going on, because Meredith has lost her sense of hearing for over half of the episode, so we only see what Meredith sees (which you could consider interesting). This means we don’t really see and hear much of the other characters, except for an arguing April and Jackson in the hallway. Apparently Jackson finally send her the divorce papers. But for April this still is a big surprise. And then there’s Amelia, who is too scared to go into Meredith’s room (most of the time). We do see a lot of Alex/Meredith time which is nice.

Also, it’s hard to tell how much time passes in this episode. The episode ends when Meredith can finally return home (and see her kids again), but by this time she can already hear and speak again.