The Big Bang Theory (S09E15) “The Valentino Submergence” (SPOILERS)

Review: Sheldon asks the guys to join him and Amy for a special live episode of Fun with Flags on Valentine’s Day, but they all decline because they have plans on their own: Leonard is going to have dinner with Penny, Howard will break in the new hot tub with Bernadette and Raj spends the day with Emily, but he doesn’t seem to be very happy about that. This leads to a conversation between the guys about Raj’s relationship with Emily. After meeting Claire (in last week’s episode), he has been thinking about breaking up with Emily. When he does break up with her and calls Claire to see if she’s free on Valentine’s Day, she tells him that she just got back with her ex. Of course begging Emily to take him back doesn’t make her take him back so Raj will be all alone on Valentine’s Day.

Sheldon and Amy’s live episode of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler present Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags is going great until they get to the segment where people can ask questions about flags. Raj calls in to ask them what’s wrong with him and why he always ruins things when it goes well. Sheldon is annoyed that they are not talking about flags anymore, and things get even worse when Barry Kripke calls as well to talk about how lonely he is. After Sheldon renames the show Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler present with (because it was not fun, it wasn’t about flags and Sheldon hadn’t talked in over 10 minutes), Amy makes Sheldon realize that he also had the experience of a breakup. Then he tells Raj that it was painful, but that he is happy for having gone through it because he realized how important Amy is to him.

Leonard and Penny’s night isn’t going much better. After Penny can’t get into a restaurant with her flirting abilities, she concludes that they’re old. All night they try to figure out a way to still be ‘young and fun’.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are taking care of a rabbit that was in their hot tub. This storyline leads up to the big secret that Bernadette reveals at the end of the episode: she’s pregnant. She hasn’t told Howard yet, and this will be the story of the next episode.

I normally don’t like it when TV shows use the baby plot to be able to come up with new stories. I still have my doubts about the decision to have a pregnancy storyline on Big Bang Theory, and all I hope is that it doesn’t mess with the normal storylines too much. I have to give the Big Bang Theory writers credit though for adding a baby after 9 seasons (or actually 10 because that’s when the baby will be born), and not earlier on the show. I think they’ve waited long enough and Howard and Bernadette have been in a long relationship now, so the time for them to have a baby seems right. We will have to wait patiently to see how much the show is going to change after this big reveal.

As for the rest of the episode, I really liked the Fun with Flags part. It was just very funny and had some great lines and it also showed how much Sheldon has grown in his relationship with Amy (as we’ve already seen throughout this whole season). Penny and Leonard’s story didn’t do a lot for me though. Then Raj and his relationship problems with Emily and Claire: I’m glad that we finally got some more information about him and Emily, after not seeing her most of the season. I’ve read that both women will be back, but (like I said in the last review) I hope that they won’t go on with a love triangle for too long.

Rating: 8/10