Dope (2015)

Right at the beginning of the movie all uses of the dope are shown. And yes they are all used.

This movie has both a realistic and unrealistic approach. And of course a little bit of an added twist to a story to make it a little more comedic and Hollywoody.

The realistic approach shows that living on those streets can always be trouble and you may or may not die on that day. Kind of like nothing else is a big deal except for staying alive. Moreover the whole gang business and the drug business once you go in there is little to no way of going out and you need to carry their dirty work on like Dom spent his time in Jail while Malcolm had to go to AJ. In addition the school trying to promote their own success by showing students in the laboratory is some kind off true these days. Lastly the effect of the drugs and how it goes viral is very true.

The unrealistic approach is how the dude doesn’t end up shot in the middle of the street but rather he ends up getting himself an admission to Harvard by using a Bitcoin account with all details of AJ. At the same time him managing to easily get a girl who he blamed a few days back for trying to use ‘women techniques’ on him to know about the dope suddenly just accepts to go out with him.

Basically the movie is a reminder, there are those that are forced into the business others because of one wrong move or decision they make.

Whether you are an A Student or B Student. Don’t do drugs! Stay safe 🙂