Recovery Road: (S01E04) “Parties Without Borders”


    This episode by far showed us the most about how much Maddie is improving on her sobriety. She finally opened up at group, which rewarded her with getting her phone back. Her phone reminded her that it was her boyfriend’s birthday the next day, which she had forgotten about. Determined to make his birthday party perfect, Maddie needed a good plan.

    His party turned out pretty well, mainly based on the amount of drugs and alcohol that was there. Though it was extremely tempting, Maddie successfully stayed sober the whole time. When everyone around you is high and or drunk, the party just isn’t that fun anymore. Maddie decided to call someone at the sober house to pick her up. She reaches Wes, and Vern picks her up. When Maddie gets home, she sees some of the residents playing games. She realized that you can be sober and still have fun.

    Maddie’s improvement impresses me more and more each episode. In the beginning, she wouldn’t even admit she was an addict. Now she’s opening up, and getting herself out of tempting situations. She’s become very committed to her recovery, and I really hope she doesn’t screw it up.