Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E16): “House Mouses”

Review: When the Captain tells the precinct that someone will get to work on a celebrity case, Terry assigns it to Boyle, despite Jake’s protests. Jake, stuck with a minor drug bust that he doesn’t even want, gives his case away to Hitchcock and Scully. Hitchcock and Scully, however, never do anything but paperwork (and get hot dogs). When the case turns out to be one of the possibly biggest drug case in years, Terry finds out Jake gave the case away. He gets angry at Jake and together, they try to find the two cops. Hitchcock and Scully’s plan to catch the drug dealers completely backfires and Jake, Terry, Hitchcock and Scully end up being held captive by the drug dealers. Using Scully’s nervous sweating habit and Hitchcock’s talent to get anywhere without getting out of his chair to his advantage, they manage to escape and arrest the drug dealers. As a reward, Hitchcock and Scully get new desk chairs. They’re never leaving the precinct again!

The celebrity case? Turns out to be about a well-known oboist, John William Weichselbraun, who Captain Holt happens to be a huge fan of. Mr. Weichselbraun seems to have been robbed and it’s up to Charles to find out who did it. Holt joins Charles as he works the case, slowly taking over so he can befriend Mr. Weichselbraun and call him John. Eventually, Charles finds out that John himself is behind the robbery, hoping he could collect the insurance money.

This week’s C-plot features the ladies of the Nine-Nine. When Amy discovers that Rosa is afraid of needles, she decides that they all need to face their biggest fears. For Amy, this means her claustrophobia; for Gina it’s her fear of business men, the Brads and Chads sucking away her soul for frequent flyer miles. They lock Amy up in a trunk, Gina puts her hair in a pony tail (it’s a wig though because Gina would never actually put her hair in a pony tail!), and in the end, even Rosa “gets stabbed” by needles.