Grandfathered: (S01E16) “Gerald Fierce”

With a new story every episode adding more onto the previous one, the app is now running and well Gerald seems to be getting the girls now. 

Unfortunately being new to business he doesn’t listen much about an ex while all this time Jimmy is trying to post it using ‘hashtag ‘ rather than ‘#.’ (Talk about old school 😂)

With the boyfriend having all angry pictures, a bribe didn’t work and the boyfriend decided to come down to the restaurant to give Gerald a beating.

We get to see flashbacks on how Gerald was in the past without a father and how Jimmy’s father was a tough lover all concluding to the point where Jimmy comes back asks for a minute tried to save his son but gets a black eye!

And his very important magazine shoot goes wrong as well as the picture is horrible and the ‘tough questions’ had terrible answers 😂