No Escape Movie Review (2015)

When you think of thriller movies, what comes to mind? For me for some reason Buried comes to mind, but I wont bring up that one point of view movie up again though because I’m reviewing something even better! I’m reviewing No Escape!

In the film we are introduced to the Dwyer family already board onto the plane headed to Southeast Asia, where Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) has chosen to take up responsibility in a branch of the company that he works for in Asia. The whole adjustment is new for the wife Annie (Lake Bell) and the daughters Lucy (Sterling Jerins) and Beeze (Claire Greare) feel like they are not going to like the new change. Once the plane lands the family goes to get a cab to go to their hotel location, however like everywhere else its always hard to get a cab in any country (thats a little cab humor if that doesn’t get you laughing I don’t know what will) but a nice Australian man by the name of Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) gets the family something better than a cab, a personal ride to the location where they are all going. The next morning it started out at first good, but once Jack Dwyer goes to buy a newspaper and head back to the hotel; the police start marching the streets, businesses begin to close, angry mob of Asians march towards the police in riot gear, and all civilians run to cover. The riots begin and Jack begins running for his life back to his family witnessing bloodshed in the streets as he runs back as fast as he can. Once he gets back to the hotel grounds he sees someone holding a banner of the company Jack works for demanding for Jack’s boss who is also in town to come out. The angry Asians drag Jack’s boss out in the street for public execution; the Asians then look at Jack and start going after him, apparently the Asians wanted to kill all Americans. Once Jack reaches a way back inside he collects his family and goes to the roof where all Americans are located. When Jack has his wife Annie translate from an innocent civilian Asian woman she tells them that the company has been stealing the water supply leaving the country with almost nothing in return all what these rioters and angry mobs want is their water to be free from other companies that are controlled by the Americans. After a helicopter massacred almost all of the Americans on the roof, the Dwyer family jump to another roof until they can get to the American Embassy. Will Jack and his family reach the American Embassy? Or will the family be publicly executed? Find out by watching the film!

Even though I saw this film as a free movie screening during the summer of 2015, I really liked it, however my father didn’t he had to leave the theater because of the horrific massacres that happened it reminded him way too much when he fought in the war. And yes the way they shot this movie it really does make people who fought in a war  to have memories come back, so if your one of those people do not go see this movie you were warned! But as for me, I found this movie really interesting especially the plot. Like you never would think that people would overreact just because of what Americans have done, but at the same time it gives you an idea that not all international countries appreciate what Americans do in their country. Overall this film I would recommend  to anyone who loves thriller movies. I would rate this film 4 out of 5 stars for having a great thrill ride of a storyline that kept you at the edge of your seat the entire time!

No Escape is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray go and rent it, I bet its already on Netflix!!!