Southpaw (2015)

With a very tragic start to an illustrious man that was at the top. 

His boxing strategy being taking hits then generating the anger to knockout his enemy, Escobar his rival created havoc by taunting him and that resulted in a gun shot taking the life of his wife.

Things take a u-turn in his life as his anger takes more out of him now loosing a fight and then his house next he ends up slamming his car and boom he is ineligible to keep his daughter.

Again things become good it’s Hollywood after all! He joins Will’s gym and gets training loosing a friend that protected his mom in the process to end up with a championship match with Escobar.

And of course he wins! Would have been better if he didn’t but he did and got back to being a champion who is a better boxer!

Great plot, great story and it was a good movie!