The Flash (S02E14) “Escape From Earth-2”

Oh no Zoom kidnapped Earth-1 Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin) what will Earth-2 do now? And who is in that Iron mask? The question is answered within the episode known as ‘Escape from Earth-2’

In this episode we continue being in Earth-2 where Zoom is zooming (no pun intended) a flyer to everyone in Earth-2 Central City that says ‘Bring me Wells’ we then go to Cisco finding Wells in his office about to be shot by Wells but tells him not to shoot. Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Earth-2 Barry, and Earth-2 Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) come up with a plan to save Earth-1’s speedster from the menacing Zoom. Their next move ends up being to find Earth-2 Caitlin aka Killer Frost; Earth-2 Barry then reveals that he has created an algorithm to track down Killer Frost and surprisingly the algorithm works and tracks her down in the creepy woods. Meanwhile on Earth-1; Caitlin creates a serum known as Velocity 9 which allowed Jay to have his speed back to save people from a collapsing building that Geomancer ended up tumbling. Then on Earth-2 we see Jesse Quick, Earth-1 Barry, and a man in an iron mask who keeps knocking in 5’s which ends up being code. Once the code is translated the masked man spells out “Jay” so what does that mean? Then it goes back to Earth-1 where Caitlin, and Iris have to deal  Geomancer breaking into Star Labs to wreak havoc, but the women duo managed to knock out Geomancer so Joe could take him to Iron Heights. In the end the breech was closed with the team back from Earth-2, but then Jay or (could he be an imposter?) was stabbed through the chest and taken back to Earth-2!

I honestly thought this episode was a really interesting episode and it still leaves you wondering if Jay Garrick was in that iron mask, then who was posing as Jay Garrick this whole time? Who is Zoom? Could this imposter who posed as Jay Garrick be Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2? I guess we will either never know or we will see soon. Can’t wait for next weeks episode which will be titled ‘King Shark’