The Shannara Chronicles (S01E08): “Utopia”


So far the adaption of the Shannara Chronicles has been phenomenal,  Al Gough, Miles Millar, have done a brilliant job on bringing Terry Brooks story to screen. Wow its astonishing to me how fast this show has gone by already 8 episodes in and 2 left. A season 2 is not even a question, 

We pick up right were we left of, from last weeks episode, Eretria is injured and captured by the Elfhunters. Wil and Amberle had managed to get away from them, throughout the episode Amberle is in such a desperate array searching for Eretria. 

Meanwhile, seems like the unfortunate events of last weeks episode are still effecting Prince Ander, although Allanon doesn’t let him it so easily. In tonight’s episode he uses all his efforts and persuasion to show Ander, that his rightful place is the throne. That its his destiny to lead them in battle. Although he’s not the only one he’s helping in tonight’s episode, he also reaches out to Bandon who’s destiny is to be the next Druid. 

Whilst trading maps and other man made items to a secret settlement of Humans in a place called Utopia, Eretria is yet again sold. But its so much more than meets the eye, its not what I expected it to be to say the least.  Although we know the typical story of people sacrificing others to live, I enjoyed the way they took that old idea and incorporated in tonight’s episode.

We all now MTV is notorious for their party scenes, but this one was pretty cool especially in the context of this show. It was also really cool to see Eretria, Amberele & Wil in another set of clothes. My favorite part of this episode has to be the fact that Wil and Amberle were going in to save Eretria but in the end she ended up saving them yet again. Most shocking of tonight’s episode was when Cephelo’s sacrificed himself to stay back and fight them off.Even though he was shot, it was nice to see that he redeemed himself in the end. 

OMG Seriously it was so good, I cant wait for the final 2 episodes.