Black-ish (S02E15): “Twindependence”

Review: Zoey gets a new car! But after Dre’s colleagues fill his mind with worries of Zoey’s Buick being a “mobile sex box”, he changes his mind on whether he wants her to drive it. He puts her through a whole series of tests, such learning several foreign languages (including Farsi, which the young actress happens to be fluent in), juggling, studying geography, and the basics of fixing any and all car issues, and Zoey passes them all with flying colors. Chagrined, Dre insists that she still can’t drive her own car, and he’s backed up by Ruby, who really just wants the car to herself. Zoey ends up stealing her own car and going on a road trip… To the library. This makes Dre realize that he was probably just overreacting and that his daughter is a really great kid. 

This week’s other plot concerns the twins. Diane is sick and tired of having a twin and she wants her own room. Jack, however, can’t imagine separating from his sister, and Bow is worried, too. But when Diane gets her way, it completely backfires. While, at first, Jack seems to have trouble being on his own, he quickly befriends the popular kids at school, who are more than willing to listen to the stories Diane finds boring. Diane meanwhile, sits at the lunch table with her teachers, regretting the separation more and more. Bow acts as a mediator/shrink, all based on that one psych rotation in college (which was mostly spent in a mobile sex box with Dre), but it doesn’t work: Jack has never been happier. In the end, though, he realizes how much being a twin means to him and the twins happily reunite.