Chicago PD (S3E15): “A Night Owl”

Last night’s Chicago PD followed the investigation of a college Professor found with a secret stash of heroin in his trunk. The Intelligence Team follows a web of names to track down the interior car designer and a potential suspect, who jumps off a building before speaking to the police. Mouse helps discover the professor’s secret apartment, in which they find letters written to convicts. The most recent correspondence comes from Peter Walker, who the professor admits to loving. The professor, however, is unwilling to admit to anything else in hopes of protecting Walker until his daughter is held captive by drug dealers and the police make it clear that Walker doesn’t care. The daughter is saved just in time and returns to the station to visit with her dad for the first time since the drama began. It is a touching moment to watch her cry in the arms of a criminal, now linked to two deaths.
Meanwhile, Lindsay lobbies for Burgess to get a second chance working for the Intelligence Team. They work together for the episode, something NBC took to promoting with #Lingess. While I certainly enjoyed watching this friendship grow further – especially the ending scene when Lindsay gifts Burgess a new toothpaste to help her get over her breakup — the standout relationship in “A Night Owl” was Roman and Platt.
These two patrolled together as Roman tried to prove he was ready to teach the next generation of police officers. Platt was skeptical of his preparedness and while criticizing him, Roman abruptly starts a scenario where he has been shot and Platt must strategically think about where they are and what hospital is closest. She is able to do this with slight reservation, but when asked who the shooter was, she describes the wrong passerby. “You got shot by the hipster?” She proclaims before being asked about the shooter’s shoes, which she cannot remember. Later on, she gets Roman back with the same attention detail when he asked how she knew the foreign person they found on the street wasn’t homeless. He was wearing nice leather shoes, something Roman did not notice. I hope we see more of these two throughout the show because their sass towards one another made me so happy.
The one other relationship that had a shinning moment, even if it was over a cellphone was Linstead, Erin and Jay. When out with friends proclaiming how “love makes us do crazy things,” Lindsay gets a call from  Jay which she blushes and answers, “Hey baby, did you get the munchies yet?” This was so simple, yet so adorable. 
Like always, this intense episode of Chicago PD was paired beautifully with new friendships, humor, and slight romance.