Fresh Off The Boat (S02E13) “Phil’s Phaves”

Review: I love Albert Tsai. I could decide to only write this about the latest episode of Fresh Off The Boat, but I will elaborate a little bit more. When Louis buys the family a computer, they find out that Cattleman’s Ranch has been reviewed by a website called Phil’s Phaves. The restaurant was graded with a B-, which is the Chinese F, and Jessica and Louis invite the reviewer to the restaurant again to give them a second chance. When the reviewer turns out to be Phillip Goldstein, who we saw last season, the Huangs just assume that he will give them a higher grade, but when he’s not willing to do that, they try to convince him in the restaurant. But the nervous employees of the restaurant work too hard to make him feel comfortable, which actually makes Phillip downgrade the restaurant’s grade to a C+. That’s when Jessica and Louis fight back, and compu-tease poor Phillip, even so far that he calls the police. I thought Albert did such a good job in this episode! Loved him on Trophy Wife, and I also enjoy him on Dr. Ken (where he is really underused!). Besides Albert’s great work I also loved how Evan was the one who knew how the computer/the internet works and had to explain it to his parents.

The other storyline is about Eddie and his girlfriend Allison. He really likes her, but is too scared to talk to her on the phone. He makes a mixtape for her, but it accidentally ends up in the backpack of another girl from his class called Reba. Eddie (with a little help of Evan) tries to win Allison back, and he eventually does when he finally calls her to explain everything.

I loved this episode. It brought back some fun memories of how websites used to look like, and also the struggle of people always listening to your phone calls. The show had some really great lines, that are totally irrelevant nowadays: “At least it’s only on the internet, it’s not somewhere important like a newspaper”. I think that’s what was really great about this week’s episode!

Rating: 9/10

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