Shadowhunters (S01E06): “Of Men and Angels”


Firstly, sorry this is up so late. So far the adaptation of Shadowhunters is surprising to say the least. I’ve actually quite enjoyed what they’ve done so far, not that everything is perfect, but then they’ve done it in a really nice way to intrigue us. And as the episodes go on and we see more character development it really improves and I love watching that unfold on screen.

Tonight’s episode was so good, plus I loved the casting for the young circle members, Jocelyn, Valentine & Luke were perfect. My fave part of tonight’s episode has to be the flashbacks, they were really good. It was so awesome to see on screen, as a fan of the books I loved how they showed everything. 

Meanwhile, at the institute we get to meet more of the Lightwoods, their dad, and Max Lightwood, who is adorable. I adored the scene where he and Izzy are playing together, it was so cute, such a nice scene. 

With Luke in dire need of help, after being bitten by the Alpha, they take him to Magnus, since he can only be helped by a warlock. Its from here that we are told of the origin story of Valentine, and how he came to be the person he is now. The writing for this was really good, I loved the way they told it. Luke hopes that their past will reveal to Clary where Jocelyn hid the cup. Seems like it triggered something, since Clary finally figured it out.

Okay, we got to see Simon and Jace hang out together, even though it was obviously just to help Clary, seems like their dynamic doesn’t change at all, but I love their banter. Seems like the whole vampire situation is really taking its toll on Simon, I cannot wait till that is finally revealed to us.

Those scenes with Izzy and her mum were really intense, I have just got to mention what absolute perfect casting they have done for the two, like the resemblance is uncanny. It breaks my heart to see Izzy so upset, cause shes one of my favorite characters, Cassandra Clare always does an amazing job at creating characters, its hard not to like every single one of them.

MALEC is probably what everyone loved about tonight’s episode, I really enjoyed the scenes that they shared in tonight’s episode. The montage to end tonight’s episode was perfect and I love the choice of music they use in this show, it goes really well. I cant wait to see more of this season of Shadow hunters.